I’ve only met one or two people my entire life who were absolutely not interesting or interested in anything.  I just don’t buy that people aren’t worth engaging. In fact, sometimes I think the people other people think aren’t interesting are fascinating. I remember kids from school that everyone overlooked who just seemed so damn captivating to me. We weren’t friends, we didn’t hang out after school, but we would talk in the quad, and I always thought they had something interesting to say.



One was born with two thumbs and had a gnarly scar.  Another had an idea as a high school student for a chemical coating on pills that would prevent suicides by inducing a vomit reflex.   One quietly made it through high school, and then left for Stanford where the valedictorian didn’t get accepted.

They’ve all gone on to do big interesting things, and not just in their own quiet ways.  I don’t think any of them will be back for the high school reunion.  Everyone is a little bit interesting, but sometimes the ones no one is paying attention to are the ones to watch.


I’m grateful for being myself.