I suck at journalling. That old fashioned diary writing where you record what happened and who said what and participant observer type stuff. Yeah I suck at that. I’m really only interested in stories.  And those don’t require that you write them down every day.

A good story might not even hit you until weeks or months later, when you suddenly realize how funny or poignant an experience was.  Sometimes I realize years later how amazing a certain experience was, and while I can recall it enough to recognize its impact, I wish I had taken notes.

sit down lets talk

I don’t tend to do things systematically.  I beat the words down onto the page when I feel like it, don’t want to get up at the same time every day, and don’t even have a morning routine.  So it is no wonder I can’t keep consistent habits, or a regular journal.

Instead, I’m going to trust myself not to change. I’m going to keep writing, but not on the same things, or at the same time, but I will try to do it in one place.  And we’ll see where it takes me.

As they say: get the words on the page.


76,678 words to go on my novel!