Tomorrow I need to be in two places at once.  This is not unusual for American women who are constantly torn between work, personal needs, relationships with spouses, family expectations, and that thing called life.  With yet another crazy crisis project at work, having agreed to drive to LA to pick up my husband (who I have not seem for almost two weeks) from the airport suddenly seems foolish and impractical.  It’s two hours down and two hours back that I don’t have, on top of a deadline that I once again somehow have to make on a project that has been massively delayed already and is due the next morning.

Yet the skeptical look in my boss’ eye when I explained I was thinking of taking half the day off led me to crazy thinking: what if I left at 3 pm to drive down, picked up my husband, then dropped him off at home and went back to office to work from 9:30 to midnight?  My husband even offered to take a cab to a local restaurant and hang out for a few hours until I could come get him.

Then I realized that this is insane. There is always going to be another work project, and another deadline (frequently brought on by someone else’s lack of planning or choosing to put their family first, too).   So I worked on my report tonight, and I will just have to shut my office door tomorrow so I can get my work done by 2 pm, and hand it off as best as I can.  Because sometimes we forget we also need to pencil in the important things.