Summer is on its way to an end. I can taste it in the peaches.  They’re on their last week, not holding their texture or as sweet as they used to be.  I ate a slice or two, then cut and bagged the rest for the freezer so I can pull a pop of summer out when the months finally turn cool.

farmers market

Cooler temperatures can’t come soon enough. I’m burned out on the summer heat, but I’m still short on lazy days relaxing, outdoor dinners with friends, stargazing, and a few more trips to the beach.

But I’m ready for fall. I’m ready to cook squash, and quiche, and make use of my oven to heat the house.  I can’t wait for roasted root vegetables, and pumpkin patches, and the cool crisp autumn mornings.

Did you see the harvest moon? The largest moon of summer?  I was back in my old town walking to dinner with friends when it came out from behind the buildings and trees, hanging low in the night sky like a big fat yolk as big as a dinner plate.  It was one more sign for me that summer is on its way out.


I’m thankful for cooking my way through the seasons (with this great Intimate Gatherings cookbook!).