Sometimes we forget how much work goes into those all those carefully stage managed facebook posts, instagrams, and twitter updates.  Your friend’s life looks fabulous because he spends a lot of time cultivating that impression.  Few people post the negative things that are happening. And no one likes to brag about how boring and blase their life is.

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This weekend I am unplugging and stepping away from all that. Instead of working too many hours, stressing over life, and tsking myself for all the things I am not doing, I will be swimming, reading books, hanging out with family, and cleaning my house to get my life back in order.  Ok, that last one may be a lie.  But what I am not going to be doing is obsessively sitting on my phone, checking email, and obsessing over the internet.  Which is good since I will be at a house without internet reception!  Happy 4th of July!


I’m grateful for some time off!